Mezrit System for the cleaning environment

The situation today:

Cleaning services are costly to organisations and have not evolved into the digital age.

Limitations of paper based management:

The current systems available in the corporate /health cleaning environment makes it difficult to improve a company’s working capital management or to allocate resources based on usage.

Mezrit Solution:

Mezrit replaces the current paper based system with an automated network of nodes that monitors usage allowing for data driven management of commercial cleaning and infection control environment services.

How it works:

Mezrit collects facility usage data from various devices and presents it in real time in easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Mezrit system is based on IoT low powered mesh networked devices that are distributed through out the premises.

A cluster of nodes are attached in various locations;

Soap (usage of consumables and hygiene control)

Bathroom doors (location usage & allocation of resources)

Employee cleaning trolleys (traceability)

Hand towel dispensers (usage of consumables)

Waste bins (hygiene efficiency)

Toilets (water efficiency)

System Services

Mezrit specialises in solutions based on low powered mesh networks.

Mezrit can provided solutions to your IoT requirements.

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